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Selected recent publications:

B Maslo, K Leu, C Faillace, MA Weston, T Pover, TA Schlacher. Selecting umbrella species for conservation: A test of habitat models and niche overlap for beach-nesting birds. Biological Conservation 203, 233-242

Effects of cost metric on cost‐effectiveness of protected‐area network design in urban landscapes JC Burkhalter, JL Lockwood, B Maslo, KH Fenn, K Leu, Conservation Biology

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A case study of bats and white‐nose syndrome demonstrating how to model population viability with evolutionary effects. B Maslo, NH Fefferman, Conservation Biology 29 (4), 1176-1185.

Metrics to assess ecological condition, change, and impacts in sandy beach ecosystems. TA Schlacher, DS Schoeman, AR Jones, JE Dugan, DM Hubbard, et al. Journal of environmental management 144, 322-335.

The conservation of coastal biodiversity. JL Lockwood, B Maslo, Coastal Convervation, 1-10.